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What is BDJ?

BDJ, a member of the NRS Business Alliance, is an organization, serving the needs of the good citizens of wisconsin since 1986. Offering value on retail goods and real life training Classes.
Classes, which later Developed into a Training curriculum for Concealed Carry Training based on requirements built into the UT legislation.
Later then, for WI, and even Now for the Illinois CCW Permits.

What type of Training does BDJ offer?

BDJ has several curriculum choices:

Concealed Carry Permit Training for:

  • WISCONISN Carry Permit
  • Utah & Florida Permit
  • ILLINOIS Carry Permit
  • ADVANCED Defensive Pistol Training.

NRA Training for:

  • Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun
  • Personal Protection in the Home
  • Personal protection outside the home
  • Defensive pistol classes
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Instructor classes in NRA disiplines.

Why should I get CCW Permit Training? I can use my DD213 or Hunter's Safety to get the WI Permit.

There are 4 reasons:

  1. Because,: Military training, DNR training, is NOT about carrying a firearm in public,
  2. It is NOT about what you need to know, to stay out of Jail.
  3. Because. you can use it to obtain not only Wisconsin, but Utah and/or Florida as well. (And Illinois)
  4. AND, as BDJ Alumni you will have first priority, with us, to obtain needed updates at minimum cost.

Why should I spend the money, and time, to obtain an Illinois, Utah, or FL Carry Permit?

  • Because the WI Permit is not that widely accepted
  • Having an Illinois, UT, or FL permit will allow a greater latitude of personal defense choices in out state travel.

Where is my permit valid?

The most current information available can be found at

How long does this CCW Training Class take?

This can vary:

  1. The current CCW Permit curriculum calls for 6 Hours of Classroom work
  2. Range qualification (Required for the Florida Permit) will vary depending on the Shooter's skill levels.
  3. The Illinois require, by Statute, a Minimum of 16 hours.

How much does the CCW Training Class Cost?

BDJ rates are, and will remain, competitive.

  1. The BASIC WI ONLY class is $75
  2. The WI, UT, & FL CCW Class price is$125 for the full curriculum Class.
  3. The ILLINOIS CCW CLASS IS $250 AND will qualify for not only Illinois, but WI, UT, & FL permits as well.

What is the Course objective?

To fully understand the implications of carrying a firearm. This includes the Legal aspects, the Practical aspects, a shooting exercise, and a healthy dose of Reality, Fear, and Safety

Should I get a permit?

We don't know. We do know that in order to be eligible to receive one, you have to meet certain criteria. If you meet those criteria, it's up to you —With other states, and with the passage of the PPA, you have a choice.

What is the origin of this Permit to Carry class: What is it's legal basis of qualification.
This class was developed and registered with Utah and Illinois.
BDJ Instructors must be Certified with both the NRA and the States of both Utah, and Illinois to qualify to train for these Permits.

As such, both the Class and the Instructors also meet the Wisconsin & Florida requirements to obtain a Carry permit.

Is this class for Wisconsin Residents only??

Absolutely not!! BDJ has alumni from Wisconsin , Minnesota , Illinois , and even as far away as Georgia and Florida.

What are the necessary requirements to obtain a Permit to Carry?

Good question. These are “Shall Issue” states.This means that when the Requirements are met, the permit will be issued.

1.The first and most important requirement is that one may not be a Felon, or have a criminal or mental history.

2.Beyond that, State requirements for Training must be met, usually by certified organizations and Instructors.

Where do you hold the Permit to Carry Classes?
  Our classes are held on a regular basis in the Green Bay, Appleton, Lacross, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, and Redgranite areas.

We can, and do hold classes in private homes and facilities, as needed, to facilitate the needs of individuals and  groups.

Who are the Instructors for these classes and what are their qualifications and experience levels?

BDJ Instructors are or include:
UTAH: Certified, CCW Instructors
ILLINOIS: Certified Instructors
NRA Certified Instructors:
NRA Training Counselor
NRA Advanced Pistol Instructors
Pistol, Personal Defense in the Home, as well as Rifle, Shotgun.
NRA Range Safety Officers;
NRA Benefactor Life members;
Bill and Deb are also Officers in the Wisconsin Dept of Corrections, (Retired)and have a combined Corrections experience of over 45 years.
BDJ has Huge Alumnus of Good People who have been qualified to obtain Carry Permits through our classes.

What is it that the students are required to do?
The first and foremost requirement is to arrive with a Good and Positive Attitude. The classes are an ongoing discussion of an Individual's Rights, Responsibilities, the Safety requirements, and Pitfalls of carrying a firearm.
  We then will do a range exercise in the course, which they must pass.
An individual may bring their own firearm to the class, or use one of ours if they'd like. (for the cost of the Ammunition)

Will the CCW class teach someone how to shoot a pistol?

No, not in and of it self. The basic premise of the CCW class is the one already has some experience with a handgun. It is not a basic pistol class. We do cover basics of defensive shooting and we do stress safety techniques with handguns. That is not to say that one has to be an expert to take the class. We have the experience and knowledge to bring someone up to speed, quickly, to meet the course requirements.

What states offer Non-Resident Carry Permits available to us as Wisconsin Residents?

At this time we can qualify one to apply for and obtain CCW Permits from Wisconsin, Florida , Utah , Maine and New Hampshire .
All information required to obtain these permits is given at the class

Once one has obtained a Florida or Utah Carry Permit, what states would they be valid in?
That can vary depending on which permit(s) you have obtained, and whether or not your permit is a resident or non resident permit. Current information can be found at:

Are any of these permits good in Wisconsin ?

As a Wisconsin Resident, one would have to have a Wisconsin Permit.
At this time, for NON-Residents, Wisconsin does honor permits from several states

Why should I get a Carry Permit??

 Why indeed…..Good question.
If you, or you and your family travel, then this can have an immediate impact for you and your family's safety. Most of us feel that we are not at risk at home and that may, or may not be, be justified.

But when one is out and about the risk levels do increase.
Please, keep in mind, if you would, that;
1. Violence is, much of the time, completely random;
2. Bad things can, and  do, happen to good people.
3. Bad things do happen in NICES places.
....You know this is true. You read about it every day.

No one else is responsible for your continued health safety, and by virtue of just being there, YOU ARE your own First Responder.
  Having a permit does not require one to carry a firearm. It does, however, allow one the option to do so should they feel it appropriate. Doing so can greatly expand your options in a deteriorating or confrontational situation.

Would there be any advantages to taking this training now, even if I didn't want to get a permit?
  Yes, there are several. It will build on your knowledge base of the laws of your own and neighboring states. You will leave this class with the knowledge on where to find other state's laws regarding self defense. If you are unsure of what Concealed carry is really about, this class can fill in the blanks on the philosophy, rights, responsibilities, and laws regarding CCW.

Even if you do not own a firearm, this class can expand your knowledge of the basic issue and well as what one might expect of those who do obtain Permits to Carry.

If someone did not want to take the class in a public forum, do you offer private classes?
As a matter of fact, yes we do. We are more than happy to accommodate an individual's wish for privacy or convenience by doing classes in a setting that is not open to the public.

The classroom portion can be done easily and safely in a private residence, or conference room.
The range portion will need, of course, to be done in an area that is appropriate to live fire scenarios.

The BDJ Facility is ideal for a Private Class Setting. That Said, we will travel to your location to work with you, if needed.

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